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Jun 21, 2022

Internet Explorer is…. DEAD

No but for real, Internet Explorer.. the browser we all grew up on is being retired. It had a good run for 27 years but as of June 15th, it was phased out.

Although no one really uses Internet Explorer anymore, everyone is still wondering why Microsoft is getting rid of it. According to Swift Technology, it’s not as fast as Chrome and doesn’t have the best features. It is also not secure and has been plagued by security vulnerabilities. In todays age, security is the biggest thing people look for in the web browser so if you’re known for lacking in these abilities, it’s a quick way to get retired. The biggest reason Internet Explorer has seen its last days is that it has become outdated. Many websites do not look or work on IE anymore because they have not updated in years.

So what do you use now if you were the five people still using Internet Explorer? Don’t worry- you don’t have to switch to Chrome just yet. Microsoft has announced that they are already working on a new browser called Edge. They believe with the updates and how quick it will run, it will become the dominant browser in the market.

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